Welcome to Nekron Art gallery and art studio workshop, now recently re-established in Iceland; the homeland of the artist, Didrik Jon Kristofersson. Here you will find an extensive collection of his art and - eventually - that of others + news of exhibitions and other worthwhile happenings...


Last updated on: 28-01-2016

New Studio

It has indeed been a while since the last update, but much has progressed and the art goes ever on and onwards as natural laws permit. A new and more reclusive studio - this time in Reykjavik - has been secured and more news following as events warrant. Let there be art!!!




New Series: Æsir

Introducing a new mini-series, showcasing the old Gods of the North, here above; the mighty god of thunder: Þór (Thor), and many more to follow...

Having chosen a mere 18 gods/goddesses to be brought back out of the past; there will be much to do alongside the greater works that are in the making...

Rock and Roll !!!

Didrik Jon Kristofersson


!m! work in progress !m!

Much to do in the studio and already; the next exhibition is merely around the corner. The theme should be somewhat centred around the old gods of the Ásatrú, or Nordic faith. The paintings are looking quite promising, if I may say so myself...

Watch this space for regular - say, weekly - updates and hold Sunday, the 21st of June (summer solstice) free if you wish to. See you soon enough...

Let there be art !!!

Didrik Jon Kristofersson

With the exception of specific images used with permission, all imagery, theory and/or idea is the sole property of Didrik Jon Kristofersson (a.k.a. Nekron). © Nekron Art 2014